Fire Stopping Materials

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Fire Stopping materials. Yet another guarantee of high standard work. Currently Global HSE Solutions is working only with the top providers of fire stopping and environmental solutions namely Hilti, Rockwool and FSI.

Below are just a few examples of the products Global HSE Solutions uses as part of the Hilti Accredited Firestop Speciality Contractor Scheme. 

1. Hilti Firestop Coated Board System


Hilti CP 670 Firestop Coated Board System is suitable for permanent firestopping of blank openings, cables, cable trays, non-combustible and combustible pipes in medium-to-large wall and floor openings

2. Hilti Firestop Solutions for Cables


Solutions for cables, cable bundles and cable trays in small-to-medium size openings, for example Firestop Intumescent Sealant CFS-IS and Intumescent Firestop Foam CFS-F FX as well as performed devices such as Firestop Blocks CFS-BL and Firestop Sleeves CFS-SL.

3. Hilti Firestop Solutions for Pipes


Wide range of products for non-combustible and combustible pipes, with or without insulation, for all common sizes as well as different pipe configurations such as pipe elbows, inclined pipes and pipes with zero-distance to building components or other services. Products include Firestop Collars CFS-C P and Firestop Collar Endless CFS-C EL, Firestop Wraps CFS-W SG, Firestop Sleeves CP 646 and Firestop bandage CFS-B


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